About us

We would like to welcome you on pages of breeding station Angel's Diamond. We are dedicated in Tibetian mastiff (since 2003) and Yorkshire terrier (since 2007). We participate in exhibitions since 2005. We are trying to create loving home and ideal space for healthy growing for both physically and mentally side.


Dogs prayer

Deal with me kindly my lovely sir, there is no more grateful heart for kindness than my loving heart.

Do not try to break my soul, I would have licked your hands between the blows. Your patience and understanding will teach me faster things which you wish.

Speak to me often. For me your voice is the sweetest music in the world You can know it from my fierce waving of tail when I hear your steps.

When it is cold and wet, please, leave me inside, because I am domesticated animal, which is not used to live in harsh conditions anymore.

So I do not ask a greater privilege than honor, sitting next to Your legs next to family fireplace. Even if you would not have any home, I would rather follow you despite ice and snow than resting on the softest pillow,

in the hottest home in the world, because you are my God and I love you with devotion. Keep my bowl filled by fresh water, because I can not tell you that I suffer from thrist. Feed me with good food to be always healthy,

so I can romp, play and to meet Your commands, walk next to You and be prepared and capable to protect You by my life if you would be in danger. My lovely sir, when the time comes when I will not be healthy anymore

and I will not have joy from life, do not push me away from you. Hold me softly in your hands and give me favor merciful eternal sleep. I will leave with thought that my fate was in the safest in Your hands.


Without help and kindliness of the people mentioned below we probably wouldn’t pluck up the courage to enter this huge world of breeding dogs, where are always new things to learn...

Therefore, we express our sincerest thanks to:

Mrs. Ing. Jana Dytrychová for unbelievable patience, great advice andassistance during exhibitions, grooming, taking care of puppies and her expert knowledge of homeopathy. Thank you for the leadership and objective criticism which help us develop. We believe she will carry on supporting us.

Dear Jana, without you we wouldn’t make it, thank you very much for everything. You are an awesome human being full of energy, vitality and knowledge, but most of all you are our friend and we consider you a part of our family.

Mr. Ing. Luděk Vrzák for his patience with our hobby, in which he involved himself with enthusiasm. He is a loving husband and great dad, but he is also very generous sponsor, good advisor and trusthworthy friend.

Thank you for everything you do forus (to expres our thanks we will bake for you more often :o) …).

Mr. Sebastián Vrzák for creating this website and help with looking after the dogs and taking them for a walk.

You are a son, a battery brother, but we can count on you when needed. Thank you.

And finally, we would like to thank to our whole family. Mostly to Mrs. Marie Masáková – our loved grandmother, who supports us and helps wherever she can. You all are sweethearts.

Angel's Diamond

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